Indexers affiliated with Netherlands Indexers Network

The indexers mentioned below are available for freelance indexing assignments. They are members of the Netherlands Indexers Network (NIN). They have successfully completed an indexing course and/or have their indexes published on a regular basis.

The information provided here is supplied by the indexers and their names are listed in alphabetical order.

Dutch, English, German

Archaeology, Asia, Middle East, Art, Religion

Pierke Bosschieter

With a background in library science, I have been working as a freelance indexer since 2005. My specialisations are the Middle East and the three Abrahamic religions, but my portfolio includes considerably more: archaeology, art, biographies, exhibition catalogues, legal work, literature, philosophy and women’s studies. Besides normal indexes created from a PDF-file, I also create indexes embedded in Word or InDesign.

My indexes are detailed but concise and reflect the style and word usage of the document. I see compiling an index as akin to solving a large crossword puzzle. Each book is a new challenge and requires a specific approach.

Dutch, Frisian

Inland Shipping, Communication, Agriculture, Education, Linguistics

Martha Hofman

I studied Dutch, General Linguistics, Frisian and computational linguistics. I have been working as a translator, editor, linguist within language technology and I have made dictionaries of Dutch and Frisian.

Since 2018 I am working as an independent indexer. I am a native speaker of Dutch and Frisian and fluent in English, German, French and Czech. My specialisms are among others linguistics, literature, psychology, education, agriculture and inland shipping.

Dutch, English, German

Archaeology, Art/Cultural History, Human Rights, International Relations & Politics, Middle East, Religion

Jacqueline Pitchford

I am a freelance professional indexer with long-standing experience in book indexing. My background is in library development, knowledge management, and desk research.

My specialization is indexing (semi)scientific publications in the areas of religion, archaeology, (art/cultural) history, international relations/politics, and human rights.

I deliver thorough indexes focusing on a publication’s core themes and their contexts whilst keeping an eye for detail. An approach which is appreciated by many authors and readers. My clients include renowned international publishers, universities and individual authors.

Dutch, English

History, International Right, Middle East, Politics, Sociology

Caroline Diepeveen

Bio to follow.

Dutch, English

American Studies, Biographies, Communication, Cultural Theory

Madelon Nanninga

Having acquired a bachelor’s degree in American Studies, I subsequently completed my master’s degree in Writing, Editing, and Mediating at the University of Groningen. In association with the Biography Institute, I organized the 2018 conference Different Lives, one of the biggest international conferences on Biography Theory.

I started indexing full time in 2020, under the name of Exter Indexing. The scholarly books  I create indexes for are in the fields of History, American Studies, Cultural Studies, Religion, The Humanities, and more.

English, Italian

Ethics, Literature, Environment, Linguistics, Sociology

Rosalba Putrino

Since 2014 I am an Accredited Indexer (MSocInd) by the Society of Indexers (UK). I have an MA in Linguistics, I speak and read fluent Italian (native) and English. My main topics are in the Humanities (Linguistics, Literature), Social science and Economics.

Travel, art in general, gardening, photography, cooking and all what belongs to veganism and ethics is my lifestyle and therefore part of my indexing ability

personen i
English, Dutch

Art, Culture, History, Linguistics, Literature

Eline van der Veken

I am a freelance indexer under the name of Magic Key Indexing, next to my work as editor of the Linguistic Bibliography at publishing house Brill (2011-present).

My background is in linguistics, with a BA in English, a Research MA in Linguistics, and a passion for studying ancient languages (Old Norse, Gothic, Latin, Ancient Greek, and more).

I enjoy indexing because I love learning about new subjects and take great pleasure from solving the puzzle of organizing data in the best way possible.