About Netherlands Indexers Network (NIN)

The Netherlands Indexing Network is an informal network of indexers working in the Netherlands or the Dutch language. These could be indexes for books, journals or loose leaf publications, as well as indexes for electronic media, such as websites and databases. Membership of the network is open to professional indexers in the Netherlands, or anyone wishing to become a professional indexer, working in the Netherlands or in Dutch. The network aims to promote the interests of indexers by:

  • Promoting awareness of indexing as a profession among the general public, and especially among publishers and ICT-firms.
  • Promoting contacts between indexers in the Netherlands and abroad, and liaising with relevant organizations in the Netherlands.
  • Promoting the quality of indexing in the Netherlands by offering workshops, conferences, mutual learning, mentoring schemes etc.


NIN is not an association or foundation, but an informal network. You can join our network if you are professionally involved in indexing work or training to become an indexer. You should also have a relationship with the Netherlands and /or the Dutch language. There are no fees for joining our network. The benefits of NIN membership are, of course, that you come in contact with colleagues. Additionally, you can take advantage of benefits offered abroad by our sister organizations, such as discounts on conference fees, webinars and a substantial reduction on the subscription rate for the quarterly journal The Indexer. And you can join one of the SIGs (special interest groups) of ASI (American Society for Indexing) that offer additional benefits to its members.

Want to join? Send us your request through the form below or email directly at info@indexers.nl


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